the art of decoration for over 50 years

Since the 60s the Casolaro Company customizes with care and passion the selcted items choosed by its Customers. We are specialized in decorating porcelain for professional use, creating masterpieces with the indications of the client and, above all, in compliance with the international regulations in force for contact with food. Year by year, we realize increasingly complex decorations, with various techniques, including the art of manual decorations, so completely handmade. We can proudly say we customize especially on porcelain, glass and steel for catering and restaurant businesses located all over the world, thus being able to fully satisfy every need of our precious customers. That’s why our motto is “You think, Casolaro inks”

Some samples

Some samples
Some samples
Some samples
Some samples

And now space for your fantasy... Communicate who you are and what you do with your plate. The plate becomes your first testimonial. Close your eyes and dream about your mise en place decorated with details of your logo, your place. Same for glasses, jugs, cups and cutlery. Your plate is really yours if it talks about you. Contact us to realize a project together. Our graphic design office will make you fall in love with your new porcelain!

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  • Mugs
  • Glasses and cutlery
  • Textile
  • Disposable
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