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The F.lli Casolaro Hotellerie Spa is one of the leading italian companies for the HO.RE.CA Equipment sector. The new showroom located in Nola, is about 8.000 square meters and the product range includes more than 80.000 different items on display for customers to choose select and compare at first hand. An extensive and superbly organised warehouse is ready to ensure a non-stop supply. The company also has a graphic department specialized in devoloping marks, logo and designs to personalize chinaware, glassware, cutlery, menu lists, promotional items and more. A qualified and multilingual staff helps customer with their purchases and a new web site always updated allows registered users to place orderds and receive information quickly and with a very easy procedure. This is CASOLARO GROUP.Horeca Equioment

The new warehouse is located at Interporto di Nola, very close to the showroom del CIS. The area is about 8.400 square meters. The warehouse can easily be reached as the Interporto di Nola is connected with the main transport system: motorway, railway, maritime and air. There is also an internal railway station higly equipped.

The show-room, which opened in Via Benedetto Brin 61, is located within the BRIN 69 complex which, following a project of urban redevelopment, is an innovative pole that allowed Casolaro to be able to settle using modern and efficient work spaces. At present, the complex is known mainly for the presence of 'Eccellenze Campane', the right place for those who want to find products of the Neapolitan tradition of the highest level and the Casolaro company, strong in its historical experience, will be able to help maintain the flag of quality Of the total processed products. The real peculiarity is that at this point of sale, they will be able to buy not only the 'jobseekers' who already know the guarantee that the company offers, but also the kitchen enthusiasts or pastries who will no longer have to settle for and will find products Professional to delight in the kitchen as a true chef! There will also be opportunities to learn and share your passions with events and show cooking linked to the world of cooking and pastry, full days of demonstrations with industry experts ready to suggest recipes, chew fantasy and answer all the questions.
In 1868, the story begins in a small street in the heart of Naples, with a well-stocked shop of glassware and, a few years later, household articles. By 1948 Vittorio Casolaro and his brothers, had decided to specialize in the hotel & restaurant equipments. In 1970 the name F.lli Casolaro s.r.l. and its trademark `Hotellerie` were born. In 1986 the company moved to the CIS in Nola (a wholesale centre) where opened a new store of 3.300 square meters offering a very large range of products for the HO.RE.CA. EQUIPMENT sector. In 2007 Casolaro S.p.a. opens his first Depot Warehouse in the nearby Interporto di Nola to satisfy the increasing request of supply coming from his own shop and from the new CASOLARO POINT stores located all over Italy and abroad. The showroom is now 8.000 sq. meters with 80.000 different items on display for customers to choose, select and compare at first hand. An extensive, superbly organised goods store is ready to ensure the constant availability of products. The company is always attentive to the market trends as well as the needs of the operators in order to satisfy their customers who are, at the same time, contributors and beneficiaries of the company`s steady growth.