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Fido airtight jars

Beyond the kitchen: eleven sizes perfect for preserving, original table setting and home decoration. The Fido glass jars are available in different sizes; equipped with rubber gaskets and with three different types of lids, they are the most practical and hygienic solution for preserving and serving jam, marmalade, desserts, finger food and many other preparations. Jam, sauces and pickles can be safely stored in the Fido jars; appetizers and other preparations can be not only preserved, but also served directly in the pots in a practical and original way. The Fido glass jars are more than valuable and useful kitchen tools: their iconic and vintage design makes them perfect for home decorating and for unusual gifts. Just fill them with chocolates, candies, biscuits or with any other small object, as your imagination suggests! Elegant and functional, the Fido jars are dishwasher and microwave safe (always removing metal wire and plastic gasket).

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